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Thompson Farms

pasture raised pork and beef


We're the farmer, butcher, processor and retailer all rolled into one family business. We raise the animals on our family farms, harvest and process the meat in our federally inspected facility onsite and sell our products via in-store and online. Our vertically integrated business allows us to oversee every step of the process from start to finish to ensure top quality products.

Early Morning Devotions by Andrew Thompson

If you know Andrew, you know that he likes to start his day no later than 4:00AM. He uses the early morning hours to read his bible and meditate on God's word. He often feels led to share what God has laid on his heart so he typically hand writes out a page or two of thoughts, makes copies and hands them out to people or stuffs them in an envelope while paying bills (you may have gotten one or two of these similar writings in the past if we do business with you). He asked if I could put this on our website to share with all of you. 
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